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Tips to Cook Using CBD Oil

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

For some people, CBD has become an integral part of their lives because of its ability to deal with cramps, anxiety, or trouble sleeping. People also incorporate CBD in their foods and drinks.

There are certain rules which you should follow when cooking with CBD:

1) Use CBD infused cooking oil instead of CBD tinctures for cooking. CBD tinctures are costly and using them can burn a hole in your pocket. CBD infused cooking oils are easily to find as CBD is widely unregulated. CBD cooking oils have dosage specifications written on them, which could be used to decide your dose per serving.

2) High temperatures can kill the effects of CBD and heat can make CBD ineffective. It is advisable to keep the temperature below 160-degree Celsius while cooking CBD. One measure you can take is to add CBD oil in your food when the food is cooked and removed from a hot surface or oven.

3) CBD is soluble in fats. When you consume CBD with food containing fats, CBD dissolves in the fat and gets absorbed in your body in the best way. So, use fat rich oils in your food while cooking with CBD in order to get the most out of it.

4) CBD in food can reduce the concentration of the compounds before passing on what remains to the bloodstream. After ingestion, the liver then metabolizes the CBD molecules, which is referred to as the “first pass effect”. The enzymes in the liver act upon CBD, reducing the concentration of the compounds before passing on what remains to the bloodstream.

5) CBD consumption should always be taken with a caution. The effects of CBD with alcohol are not studied but it is always a good idea to be mindful of everything you take with CBD. CBD also has some side effects with certain medications. Be sure to check with your Pharmacist prior to consuming CBD in any form.

The best way to start cooking with CBD is to start with something you are familiar with. The very first thing could be CBD infused oil with salad. You can also add CBD oil in your sauces like pesto or pasta. Once you are done with these things then you can start cooking CBD along with baked goods like cookies and brownies. Just make sure that you tell your friends about CBD infusion before serving them something that you cooked with CBD.

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