Why Choose CBD Products?

CBD is a compound gaining numerous praises and popularity across the health industry circles owing to ample research and studies which are proving its ability to offer medical benefits called Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD. This unique compound is found in the Hemp Plant and is non-intoxicating while offering therapeutic benefits. Several online and offline studies have been published which combat the stigma associated with CBD usage and lay evidence of its apparent value.

The evolution of the CBD industry has led to many doctors and diagnosticians to approve its usage and even suggests the use to many of their patients. Several medical facilities are also partnering with product sellers to provide the best quality CBD products and medical care. By doing so, these facilities will supply patients with consistent, industry compliant and safe products that may positively affect many serious ailments and symptoms.

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Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis
Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis
Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis

At LOTUS, we work with the sole aim of providing you with the best in quality and safety-tested CBD products that work well for your health and wellness. With all-natural ingredients processed with the best quality and lab-tested procedures, our product line and business thrive on eco-friendly measures. Our hemp farming is done through sustainable measures without the use of pesticides and chemicals in a completely natural way.

It is important to understand our individual medical needs and how important it is to know what you are putting into your body. For this reason, we have innovatively developed our line of specialized CBD products to help you reach your health goals effectively.

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LOTUS/ The CBD Store & Organics is dedicated to the purpose of responsibly sourced products that have gone through the most stringent quality checks and met the best of safety standards through third-party lab tests. Our product selection is developed to suit your needs and health and offer you a better lifestyle and wellness routine.  Explore our range of products that are all Farm Bill compliant and prepared with advanced formulations.

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Tested for potency and purity. Monitored by a third party to test for phytocannabinoid potency levels as well as testing for residual solvents to ensure purity.