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How to Spot Fake CBD Oils

With the increase in knowledge about CBD and its potential medicinal qualities there has been an increase in demand for various CBD products like CBD oils. However, to keep up with this demand and exploit the market for the same, the number of retailers who have started to sell fake CBD oils has also increased. There is dearth in consumer knowledge about CBD oils and thus the risk of selling fake CBD oils has been increasing.

Before we go into the discussion of how to spot fake CBD oils, it is crucial to understand the dangers of fake CBD oils. Pure CBD oils are actually proven to be very safe to use for activities like vaping. In fact, it is known that CBD oils when vaped can help bring down levels of anxiety and stress. However, when CBD is mixed with other compounds, it opens up the risk of a lot of health problems. A lot of companies add additives like artificial sweeteners and artificial coloring to their CBD oils which could result in risk of lung diseases along with chances of lipid pneumonia. These synthetically manufactured products also run the risk of having heavy metals in them. Hemp has the tendency to bioaccumulate. For this reason, it is extremely important that hemp is grown in the correct conditions, which would ideally be to grow them in a completely closed off environment. However, companies often use inferior quality hemp grown in questionable conditions, which increase the risk if products made from them are consumed. Inferior quality hemp is cheaper and therefore often used by companies which create fake CBD oils. To make sure that you get the desired results from CBD oils, it is important to know how to spot fake CBD oils.

So here are some ways to spot fake CBD oils:

1) If the product has an absurdly high content of hemp oil content in them, then you should be wary of the CBD oils that you are looking at. Often the ratio of hemp oil to the entire bottle of liquid will logically make no sense in these cases. They are made to look attractive because they are sold at extremely low prices. Keeping a lookout for the ratio of hemp oil to the entire bottle of CBD oil is a good practice.

2) CBD oil bottles that don’t mention their extraction process anywhere on their packaging should raise your suspension. As a consumer, it is your right to know how the products are extracted to be aware the safety precautions are in place. However, companies which provide CBD oil without providing any knowledge of their extraction process, are probably packing and selling fake CBD oils.

3) When buying products which say ‘Full Spectrum’ oil, make sure that the packaging makes clear the concentration of all the contents of the oil. Not knowing the concentration of chemicals present in your full spectrum oil would imply that synthetic cannabinoids are being sold to you. Do not buy CBD oils of any sort without checking the packaging and understanding the concentration of compounds present in it.

4) In the same context, it is important to know that there is nothing known as ‘clear full spectrum oils.’ If it is a full spectrum oil, then it will maintain a darker hue. Clear full spectrum oils are fake CBD oils and it is wise to stay clear from them.

5) Full spectrum oils also will have some percentage of THC in it, since it is a full spectrum oil and has some concentration of all compounds present in hemp. A branding which claims that its full spectrum CBD oil has 0% of THC is attempting to con you. The reason why companies do this is to attract more consumers with the temptation of lack of THC which is the psychoactive chemical present in marijuana. If present in the correct concentration in full spectrum oils, then it cannot give you a high.

6) It is also extremely important to know that Amazon does not allow the selling of CBD oils as of now. Any products that you might see on the website that claim to sell CBD oils are probably selling hemp seed oil.

CBD oil has been found to have some great medicinal qualities which can prove to be beneficial. However, it is important to know what authentic CBD oils have in it so as to avoid falling for scams that sell fake CBD oils. As a consumer it is your right to ask questions, so don’t hesitate to take some time and ask the right questions to make sure your product is authentic. At CBD Store Organics, you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the products as we offer the highest quality oils and products that are great for your health and wellness.

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