Strain: Hawaiian Haze / 3.5 Grams


Full Spectrum Hemp Flower that is 100% naturally grown. 

Hawaiian Haze is a sativa dominant strain, with true sativa characteristics giving the user an uplifted, focused experience. Bred from a mix of Hawaiian and Haze genetics, these buds are grown in sunny southern Oregon and are packed with cannabinoids. Many users experience feeling elevated, sociable and talkative, perfect for daytime use. Hawaiian Haze's floral aroma and subtle notes of tropical fruit will inspire your day.


Mood: Uplifting, Focussed, Motivated, Relaxed.


Terpene Profile: Limonene, B Caryophyllene, B Mycrene, A Pinene, Guaiol, A Humulene, A Bisabolol.


PRECAUTIONS -- Hemp Flower contains less than .3% total Delta-9 THC. This product is federally compliant with the Farm Bill Act of 2018. However, anyone who may be drug tested should avoid using hemp flower products or use them with extreme caution, as hemp flower, which is the main ingredient in this product, contains a high concentration of cannabinoids.

All of our flower test below LOQ in delta 9 THC, *This product is federally compliant with the Farm Bill Act of 2018.

*Although Federally legal please check with your state and local laws.*



Gold Standard- Hemp Flower- Hawaiian Haze