What are the Benefits of CBD?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

You’ve likely heard of CBD more times than you can count. It’s making the buzz in most health and alternate lifestyle circles. And its growing popularity comes from its range of benefits. Wondering what they are? CBD Store and Organics is here to break it down for you.

CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis sativa plant. In common language it is a compound found in marijuana and hemp plants. Although once completely illegal, CBD obtained from hemp is now legal to use and many pharma companies are doing active research to incorporate CBD as part of treatment drugs.

One of the most common diseases which CBD is being used to address is anxiety. The number of cases in anxiety and mental health is on a steady increase. This makes the compound even more popular, since it has lesser known side effects.

CBD also helps in pain relief. Its combination with less than 0.3% THC helps in pain management. This is helpful for patients suffering from cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis and multiple sclerosis to name a few. Ongoing increase in research with CBD is expected to show more positive results. Because of its pain relief characteristics it is quite useful for post chemotherapy sessions to reduce the effect of nausea and pain.

Another major benefit of CBD is that it can be used for treatment of epilepsy. This treatment is also approved by the FDA. It helps in decreasing seizure attacks and increases adenosine which is a brain chemical that controls seizures.

CBD also impacts the receptors in the immune system and hence lowers overall inflammation in your body. This is beneficial for managing many symptoms in cases of severe illnesses.

The compound has also been found to be helpful in lowering the blood pressure. Some research says that CBD oil reduces the systolic blood pressure, thus reducing the risk of strokes. The fact that CBD has properties that bring down the anxiety level links it to support a healthy heart.

Interestingly, CBD is also linked to brain health. Research is pointing out that CBD also has neuroprotective effects. A recent research report by MBG Health says that because of its benefit to brain health, CBD oil can be used to treat diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. CBD further prevents free radical damage, reduces inflammation thus protecting the brain cells. In addition, it also helps generate new cells.

From its antioxidant qualities (helpful in skincare and anti-aging) to its mental health benefits, CBD is rising up the chain of all-round healthcare. At CBD Store & Organics, we have a wide selection of products that can enhance your health and wellness routine. Visit our website to know more.

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