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Three Ways to Enjoy CBD Without Vaping

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

If you are looking for ways to consume CBD, then you may find one of the most popular ways of doing so is vaping. Nonetheless, there is concern about vaping with regards to its safety, even though vaping related diseases are exceedingly rare, especially when it comes to consumption of CBD. But, if you are not convinced about the safety statistics of vaping, there are many other ways through which you can consume CBD without any harm. Some of these ways are readily available as products. These products are:

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies and lozenges are CBD edibles which can be carried in your pockets because of their compact size. With CBD Gummies, you can get all the benefits of CBD without any vaping. It has some additional benefits like there is no need to chill gummies and candies before you can enjoy them; there is no need to worry about the water spilling in your bags, etc. When you consume CBD in the form of gummies, you are more likely to consume full doses of CBD, which is not the case with vaping, as gummy pieces are standard in shape, size, and content.

CBD Oils

An extremely popular way of consuming CBD is through CBD oils. With CBD oils, it becomes quite easy to measure the CBD dosages that you are taking. You cannot consume CBD oil by mixing a measured amount of the oil with any drink or water as it will stick to the sides of the container you are using. However, there is a soluble CBD that can be mixed with water or your favorite beverage. In fact, you can even include CBD oil in recipes when you are cooking! If cooked right, it does not overpower the flavor of the dish you are making. CBD oils come in small bottles with medical droppers attached to their caps. The small size makes them easy to carry and the dropper helps in measuring the right amount of dose.

Topical CBD

CBD has other usages apart from ingestion. CBD works in alleviating pain and reducing inflammation. It is possible to use CBD in the form of topical creams, ointments, and salves. People also use CBD creams to improve their youthful look as CBD has some good effects on skin.

We have a wide range of Lotus CBD products that you can enjoy without vaping! Whether it is gummies, serums & creams, or oils - you can find them all here. Head over to our shop and pick your favorite.

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