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Destress with CBD Bath Bombs

CBD has created waves in the wellness market. What started out as oils and edibles like chocolates and gummies has now given rise to products in a completely different market: skincare. CBD is now not just for those who are managing pain or insomnia, it can be used for skin problems and general skincare.

When it comes to skincare, the CBD market has given us lotions, face creams, and serums. However, there is another product that has been exploding (quite literally) in the market: CBD bath bombs.

Hot baths are therapeutic and indulgent. So how can you take relaxation up by a notch with CBD bath bombs? Let us learn more about it.

Why CBD Bath Bombs

Here is something that people wonder about. Why use CBD bath bombs at all?

We break this down into two parts: CBD and bath bombs.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC (which is found in marijuana, the strain of cannabis known to give you a ‘high’ feeling), CBD is not psychoactive in nature and therefore, does not cause any mind-altering effects. Therefore, CBD is not going to have the effect that marijuana does.

CBD interacts with a system in our body known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for maintaining balance in various parts of the body. One of the things it helps care for is, you guessed it: skin! Therefore, CBD’s positive interaction with the ECS also ensures healthier skin.

Now we come to the second part: bath bombs. You could use topical CBD creams and lotions for your skin. So why use bath bombs?

Do you enjoy a hot bath after a long day? There is a reason for it. Apart from giving you some time by yourself away from the stresses of daily life, hot baths have innumerable benefits for physical and mental health. It helps clear sinuses, improve blood flow, and reduces stress.

When you combine these therapeutic effects with CBD, you help your skin and your stress all at once.

Besides, who can deny the excitement of using bath bombs? Their amazing scents can make the experience of baths even more relaxing.

De-stressing with Bath Bombs

Hot baths are what you go for when you need to unwind. So, let us tell you how to set up the ultimate experience of a relaxing bath with CBD bath bombs.

Pick up something that relaxes you. A magazine you love or a book you enjoy, and maybe a glass of wine or some green tea to go with it. If you have a bath shelf, use it to rest whatever you pick out.

Run the bath. Be sure to pick the temperature perfect for you. The water should be warm, but not too hot. Extremely hot water can cause dizziness and should be avoided.

Your next step should be to light scented candles. Lavender or pine scents are ideal to relax.

Take the setting a notch higher with some soothing music. Soft jazz or any gentle music you like are the perfect choices to keep your mind at ease.

And finally, after all of this, comes the most important element of all: your Lotus CBD bath bomb! Drop it into the water and soak yourself. You will be relaxed and rejuvenated after this experience. Of course, there are many other things you can add to this experience as well. Try a rejuvenating face mask in the bath.

You can buy Lotus CBD bath bombs in our store. You can either buy one to try or you can buy a set of three. If you want to look at other CBD products before trying out our bath bombs, then you can head over to our store to pick the perfect one for yourself!

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